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The NUbots collaboration and development process.
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Updated 17 Aug 2022

The NUbots development process is a combination of in-person and remote collaboration, supported by online collaboration tools.

Meetings and Lab Work

We hold weekly meetings in the NUbots lab at Friday 4-5pm, with the option to call in via Zoom. The meeting time may change based on team members' availabilities.

Team members have dedicated work spaces in the lab where they work at various times during the week.

Online Communication

We use Slack for team communication. You will be invited to our Slack workspace when you join the team.


We use GitHub for development and code collaboration. All NUbots code can be found on our GitHub page.

The main repositories are:

  • NUbots - C++ codebase that runs on a real or simulated robot and NUsight, the web-based debugging environment we used to understand and improve our systems.
  • NUbook - Our team handbook, which you are viewing now! Built with Gatsby and deployed using Netlify.

To contribute code to NUbots, you will need to create a GitHub account. You will be added to the GitHub organisation when you join the team.

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