Lab Induction

The NUbots lab induction process for new members.
Updated 25 July 2020

For workplace health and safety, all new members joining the team are required to complete a lab induction. This is a two-step process which, when successfully completed, will make the new member eligible for swipe-card access to the lab, and allow them to work there unsupervised.

The SEEC Lab Induction

The first part of the process is the SEEC lab induction. This is an online induction done through Blackboard, required for all students enrolled in ELEC courses or seeking to work in the EE Labs. If the new member has already done the induction within the current year, they don't need to re-do it. If they haven't, they need to let a Team Leader know, to get them enrolled in the Blackboard course so they can access and complete the induction.

The NUbots Lab Induction

The second part of the process is the NUbots lab induction. This is an in-person induction done with a Team Leader or Team Safety Officer in the lab. This induction walks new members though the available safety and emergency equipment in the lab, how to safely handle batteries and robots, and what to do when there is an emergency.

Upon completion of the NUbots lab induction, new members have to fill-out, sign, and submit the lab induction checklist to the demonstrator, as a record of their completion. A copy of this checklist will be provided during the induction.

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